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Unique and authentic. Surprisingly versatile. That’s the Greek island of Chios, jewel in the Aegean Sea. Get acquainted with this special island, rich in history, diverse culture and beautiful nature. From the mountains and barren rocks in the north through the fertile middle with the many orchards of citrus to the green south, where we find the mastic trees. Along the coast there are many (almost) deserted beaches, where you get the feeling, that you are alone in the world.

There are plenty opportunities to explore the island. That may be fine with a rented car or scooter or public transport. But Chios has also hikers and cyclists a lot to offer.

Spread over the not yet by mass tourism discovered and so quiet island, are not only picturesque villages, but also fortified towns, where it seems time has stood still for centuries. And every village, however small, has a square or plateia with one or more tavernas, where you can enjoy a delicious meal or a cool refreshment. Above all, the inhabitants of Chios are cordial, friendly and very hospitable.

This makes staying on this island, close to the coast of Turkey, an unforgettable experience. One warning: it's likely that the first visit not will be the last, because it is striking how often someone who was once on Chios, there absolutely wants to return, because that feels like coming home.